Strum Your Guitar Like A Boss

 …without using “canned” STRUM PATTERNS. 

The Pros know this and so should YOU!



  • Are you using only one or two strumming patterns on all the songs you play?
  • Are all your songs starting to sound the same because of those same strumming patterns?
  • Then I invite you to download my free 5 STEP STRUMMING SUCCESS GUIDE.
  • This GUIDE will help you create your own strumming patterns instead of waiting for someone else to show you yet another pattern to memorize.
When you look down on your fretboard what do you see?  Is it strings and frets and shapes and where to put your fingers?  Or do you see a coherent arrangement of notes and intervals?  Or maybe BOTH!
Rhythm is easily the most important tool that turns sound into music.  Still, it’s one of the least taught skills for guitarists.  The general belief is you either have “it” or you don’t…This is BS!  If you want to play music you need rhythm skills.
Musical language
As with any field of study, there is a language used within music to communicate effectively with other musicians. Some call this Music Theory.  I call it Musical Language.  You should know our language.

The Most Meaningful


…your excellent melding of the technical and artistic is for me, and I suspect a great number of others, the most meaningful instruction to be had.

- Dan Tanner

Happy Students

Thank you so very much for all you have taught me steve. I would never have turned into the guitar player I am right now if it were not for your teaching.  Three years ago when I came desperately looking for advice with my jazz band charts I would never have imagined what I could possibly do with the guitar…I have expanded my horizons of guitar playing, composition and even my musical taste and for that I am forever thankful.
-Nicholas Kulik

Stephen is able to take complex subjects and explain them clearly to students at all levels of musical knowledge and playing ability.  Moreover, he helps students use what they learn to actually make music.
-Alex MacPhee

Reid and his sister Morgan have been taking lessons since June. Stephen is a great teacher; he understands what they need to be challenged and inspired. We respect his talent, skill and knowledge. He can offer so much to anyone wishing to learn guitar or add to their guitar playing skills. You Rock, Steve!!
-Leslie Amero

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I needed to learn, but knew that Stephen had been highly recommended and I didn’t want to blow this opportunity…. Understanding the theory behind the music, gave me the freedom to explore the whole neck of my guitar, and awakened my appetite for composing melodies. I credit Stephen with “getting me hooked”on making music! Many thanks to you Stephen!
-Joanna Butler

Don't Strum Another Song Until You've Read This GUIDE!

"I think it's a fairly well-accepted urban legend that strumming will just occur naturally once a guitarist learns a few chords...and while this may be true for some, your teaching is precisely what the rest of us need in order to progress". 

Dan Tanner