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The Fretboard Landscape Module of lessons is all about helping guitarists re-value (or value for the first time) what the fretboard is fundamentally- a 2-dimensional interface of musical notes.  Of course it is also a graphical interface of shapes and patterns but it’s important to know that the shapes and patterns you see are the result of the notes that make them up.  No one ever woke up on a Tuesday morning and said:

“Behold I shall invent a SHAPE that will be called Gsus4 and a PATTERN that will be called Bflat natural minor” 

That day never happened nor will it ever happen.

If you carry a vague mental map of the fretboard in your mind, your ability to understand the larger connected nature of how the guitar & music work is seriously undermined.  Simply put, shapes & patterns are not the complete picture.

This series of lessons is designed to re-set your current operating system (using shapes, patterns, string and frets) and augment what you already know toward a more comprehensive (and competent) musical skill-set (building up your note knowledge) applied to this wonderful instrument…the guitar.   I would recommend following the lessons in the order they are presented because “connecting” concepts in a logical orderly fashion will serve your growth on the guitar the best.