Group Lessons

Group lessons are traditionally sold as being a great way to start your journey on the guitar in a fun and social setting- and this is true. But the real value comes from simply playing in a small group and developing the musical skills to do so confidently.  Important among these skills would be timing, rhythm, dynamics (how loud or soft you play) and a host of others depending on the tune.

In general, group lessons tend to focus strictly on getting you playing songs without too much focus on the so called “theory stuff”.  Of course you will have to work on developing the tools you need (mainly chords and strumming skills) in order to play some tunes.

Groups lessons are held on Monday evenings and are 8 weeks in duration.

Classes are held on Monday Evenings.

Kids (ages 9-12):  5-6 pm

Teens (ages 13-17) 6:30-7:30 pm

Adults (18 and up) 8-9 pm