What is the Guitar Ensemble?

When I started my own guitar lessons around age 11, I fully expected that part of learning a musical instrument included learning how to read music.  I’m  very glad that was my experience.

Today, however, guitarists don’t expect or necessarily want to read music.  I get it!  Reading music is a seperate skill from playing an instrument.   Still,  the reading of written music (as oppossed to tablature) conveys so much more musical information-information that can help nurture and compliment the skillful playing of an instrument and overall musicianship.

The Guitar Ensemble is designed for those players who wish to expose themselves to both the reading of written music and the experience of playing as a team.  As an ensemble, generally a musical piece would be arranged into at least two parts (and often four).  Each player (or small group of players would be assigned a particular part.  The magic happens when all the parts are played together creating a wonderful sonic experience larger than the sum of the parts- pretty darn cool.

For the Ensemble to work, potential players must either already read music or be willing to learn how to read music.  I will, however, assume most don’t read so we’ll build up that skill as we play along.  It’s a patient but very satisfying process.

Participants will meet once every month (Date & times TBA) to learn and rehearse the material.

Open to both acoustic & electric guitars.

Note:  The Guitar Ensemble requires commitment over time to see results and has set starting date TBA.

Tuition: $150/ 4 months 

Checkout some Guitar Ensemble examples below.  Don’t be intimidated by what they can do.