In-Person Guitar Lessons

You might think that music lessons, in general, are always One-on-One.  This is of course the most familiar lesson format to students and is standard at Dempster Guitar Studio (DGS). But at DGS, you will find that as your musical interests or needs change, we have the resources to create other related lesson formats for you (either in addition to your standard One-on-One lessons or you decide to change your format entirely).

For example, there’s really no reason why you couldn’t take lessons with another student when you want to get a taste for “Jamming” together- and that’s a tremendous benefit over One-on-One lessons.  This is a very popular option.

Alternatively, you might eventually want to be part of a group or guitar ensemble.  This is much more social in nature and lots of students enjoy that aspect of a group.  Groups/ensembles can form around all kinds of musical interests like 1. Learning to improvise, 2. Learning to read music, 3. Learning to write songs or composition, 4. A beginning group class.  We assemble the group according to what you want.

The truth is that while taking One-on-One lessons  at DGS, you always have the flexibility to be involved in learning guitar in many different ways.  That way, as your interests change (and they will), so should the WAY you learn.

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Don’t Strum Another Song Until You’ve Read This GUIDE!

“I think it’s a fairly well-accepted urban legend that strumming will just occur naturally once a guitarist learns a few chords…and while this may be true for some, your teaching is precisely what the rest of us need in order to progress”. 

Dan Tanner

Learn to strum