What is the Jam Lab

No! Of course we are not making jam.  But the picture was just so nice.

The JAM LAB is all about the Art of Improvising- composing music in the moment.

Now for many guitarists this idea appears so scary that before even trying they have decided that to improvise is a skill left to the guitar GODS.  Us mere mortals just do not have access to whatever the GODS do or think.  Decision- I will never try this because… BLAH BLAH BLAH!

The truth is that those that improvise well are simply using musical tools that they are so familiar with, inside and out, that they can manipulate these tools to their will at any moment.  Sure, there is some musical knowledge to add to the mix as well as a little dose of “happy accidents”, but the core of it is knowledge of musical tools used in the right context- and anyone can learn that!

You actually “improvise” every time you have a conversation with someone.  Your command of language, grammar, reading body language, interpreting inflexion and so on (your conversation TOOLS) is so refined that you can do all of this at the “speed of thought”.  And the only reason you can do it at the speed of thought is because you have USED THE TOOLS often- to the point of being on automatic pilot.

Same process is happening in musical improvisation as well.

The JAM LAB is all about giving you the tools, learning how to use them, getting you so familiar with them that you can play music just as easily as you can have a conversation- in fact you’ll find that the two activities actually feel the same.

JAM LAB tuition: $30/2 Hour Session every month