Too Much “Guitar” Information…and It’s Not Connected!

At Guitar Evolutions we strive to help guitarists understand how musical concepts are connected together.


Because “connection” between musical concepts is generally not being taught within the ever-growing online world of “free” guitar lessons. By “connection” I mean being able to connect or relate one well-learned guitar concept to another less familiar concept.  As a result, many self-taught guitarists are swimming in a sea of disconnected ideas leading to frustration and overwhelm as they try to make sense of all this free guitar information.  It’s now time to give this information some usable structure.

Importance of “connection”

There is a “language” to music that, once understood, makes everything you learn make much more sense because the ideas feel more connected to each other.

Of course, being able to connect musical ideas together does not mean it’s necessarily easy…but it does allow you to learn a new idea more efficiently as you can see the bigger picture of what’s actually going on.

Without an awareness of “connection”, learning the guitar, and music in general, is an exercise in frustration.

In today’s GUITARLANDIA there seems to be much more emphasis placed on How To Do A Thing:

Hey man, here’s a new lick for ya! Check it out!

rather than How To “Think” About Doing A Thing:

Hey man, here’s a new lick for ya in B Flat minor…it comes in on the ‘and’ of beat 3 using a triplet figure and plays out over 2 and a half measures.

Just to understand this lick effectively, you would need to connect and apply your previous knowledge and mastery of…

  1. The KEY of B Flat minor (Whatever THAT means!),
  2. How rhythm is structured (Hint: Rhythm must be FELT)
  3. What a triplet is.
  4. And even what “measures” are and could you FEEL when a measure has been played?

As guitarists, we will tend to focus on the technical aspect of the lick – how to actually move our fingers and pick (and this needs to be done for sure).

But we also often ignore important musical information, language & concepts regarding the lick simply because we are less familiar with them or perhaps we’ve been told we don’t need “that stuff”. Without a broader sense of how things (concepts) are connected, guitar students get flooded with all sorts of information but have no idea how to knit it all together. The result is Information Overwhelm.

Avoiding Information Overwhelm

So this site is designed to help you avoid information overwhelm by giving you the foundational training and musical concepts you will need to intelligently navigate all the information out there in Guitarlandia.  In other words, we help you connect guitar information so that stuff makes sense and sticks. 

Appropriately, what this site won’t do is just give you a bunch of cool riffs without their rhythmic context, or teach songs without understanding at least the most basic language like what KEY is the song in, or show you chords without some language on how they are built.  You won’t just get a brick…you’ll get an understanding of how that brick relates to the other bricks “in the wall” (YES! I made a cheesy Pink Floyd reference).  I’ll even throw in some understanding of the mortar that holds the whole wall together.

So if you find yourself nodding your head up and down thinking

Yeah, finally, this is what I need!

…then you are in the RIGHT PLACE!

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