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 Guitar Lessons with ZOOM

As you probably already know, ZOOM is a very popular video conferencing tool.  From simple “phone like but with a face” chats to all out global business conferencing, ZOOM is a popular video tool.

At Guitar Evolutions we offer online ZOOM guitar lessons for those students who are unable to attend in-person lessons.  The convenience for the student is obvious- your guitar lesson is brought to you in your own home. For the teacher, it’s simply wonderful to extend the reach of teaching guitar to a global audience.

If you are interested in ZOOM lessons, there are a few things you need to be aware of:

  1. You’ll need a computer with an internet speed of at least 0.5 MB upload and 1MB download speed.  If you are unsure of your computer’s internet speed you can test it out at Speedtest.net
  2. ZOOM lessons obviously require both audio and video capabilities so you’ll need a microphone and a webcam.  The good news is that most laptops and desktop computers today already have these components built into them (YES! it wasn’t always so!).  And these built-ins are fine for ZOOM guitar lessons.  You can always get fancy gear later on if you want.
  3. With any video conferencing platform, there is currently a slight delay in both the audio and video signals between student and teacher.  One consequence of this signal delay is the you and I cannot play guitar TOGETHER at the same time- in other words we can’t JAM! So expect a lot of demonstration from me and then you demonstrating it back.  We still manage to accomplish a lot just without the joy of jamming.
  4. You may already be familiar with this one, but you’ll have to adjust the timing of your discussion.  The inherent delay mentioned above is again at work and it can interrupt the natural flow of a two-way discussion.  All we really need to do is be aware of this.

ZOOM lessons:

  1. Are $200.00 for 4 sessions and purchased via Paypal (See button below).
  2. Are 1 HOUR in length.
  3. Include a combination of written, video or audio supplemental material that would be sent to you following the lesson.
  4. Are recorded and sent to you to keep and for review.

If you wish for more information or want to sign up for ZOOM  Guitar Lessons then CONTACT US HERE.

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“I think it’s a fairly well-accepted urban legend that strumming will just occur naturally once a guitarist learns a few chords…and while this may be true for some, your teaching is precisely what the rest of us need in order to progress”. 

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