If there was any concept that separated music from noise…it would be RHYTHM.

Rhythm is so fundamental to music making that it seems strange to be one of the least taught subjects – especially within the world of guitar.

It is true that some people have a natural inclination toward rhythm.  But that truth is present in any pursuit.  Some people are natural fighters, athletes, physicians, lawyers, bricklayers…you name it!  But they are a minority.

Those that are naturally inclined toward rhythm in guitar playing are the minority as well.  The vast majority of guitarists need some level of training in rhythm and many will claim that they are ALWAYS working on their rhythm skills.  So given the number of guitarists out there, most of them needed some kind of rhythm training.

We are all in GOOD COMPANY!

The RHYTHM AWARENESS module is designed to help you get the feel of rhythm IN YOUR BODY.  While that might sound strange to you, the truth is that rhythm comes from humans and not their guitars!  Rhythm must be FELT in your body first before it genuinely reveals itself through the guitar.

Checkout SNOWBALL the cockatoo…


Does Snowball Really Have Rhythm?

Certainly if a cockatoo can FEEL rhythm, you can too (and no insult intended to either Snowball or you!).

However, as some further science has indicated, there are limits to Snowball’s ability… perhaps revealing a form of rhythmic awareness no where near as sophisticated as ours.  Still, all in all, pretty impressive.

But one thing for sure is that Snowball CANNOT play a guitar!

Even if you feel that rhythm is something vague or not part of your nature, this module will walk you through, step by step, helping develop your natural instinct for rhythm…it’s probably just a sleeping giant.

With your awareness of rhythm intact, all forms of guitar including strumming, solo playing, rhythm guitar, lead playing…ALL of it becomes better.

The truth is that if your rhythm ability is good (but your technical stuff is a little sloppy), people still think you can play.  But even if your technique is pristine but your rhythm is sloppy…well just don’t be surprised if people start leaving the performance.

Let’s go get some RHYTHM AWARENESS!