Studio Policies


Dempster Guitar Studio operates year round.  As such it is not guided by local School Board Calendars or School Board activity.

Hours of Operation:

  • Tuesday – Thursday 1 – 9 pm
  • Friday 1 – 8 pm
  • Saturday 10 – 3 pm


Overdue Tuition: Dempster Guitar Studio (DGS) is a full-time music education business and derives its operating revenue solely from student tuition.  Therefore, the timely payment of tuition is respectful of the services that DGS provides and its operations. No lessons are delivered with overdue tuition.

Click here for Tuition Packages.


Student Cancelled/Missed Lessons:

  • You are allowed 2 replacement lessons per 4 month period due to a cancelled/missed lesson. All other cancelled/missed lessons per 4 month period are considered forfeit.


  • Any replacement lesson must be scheduled and taken within the week it was cancelled/missed. If an appropriate scheduling agreement (Between DGS and the student) for the replacement lesson cannot be made, the lesson is considered forfeit.  You may choose to have a LIVE or SKYPE session for the replacement lesson.  DGS will make every effort to accommodate the replacement lesson within that week and within studio operating hours.


  • There are no refunds for cancelled/missed lessons.


Teacher Absence: In the event that DGS must cancel a lesson(s), DGS will provide the student with:

  • A replacement lesson (LIVE or SKYPE). DGS will make every effort to accommodate the replacement lesson within that week.


  • Lesson materials to work on at home delivered via email. These can take the form of written exercises, audio recordings, backing tracks or video lessons.


Health/Medical Issues: It is the student’s responsibility (or the student’s parent/guardian if the student is under 18) to let DGS know of any health or medical problems that may affect lessons.  NOTE: If a student is sick enough to be home from school or work then please do not attend the lesson.


Right to Discontinue Guitar Lessons: DGS reserves the right to suspend students for non-payment of tuition, inappropriate conduct, repeated absences/cancellations or lack of progress due to lack of practice. DGS reserves the right to withdraw any course or level of instruction at anytime without notice or liability other than to refund tuition fees received for lessons cancelled due to such withdraw.


Termination of Guitar Lessons:  If you decide to terminate your lessons with DGS, you must provide 2 week’s notice.  You are required to pay tuition for this two week period whether you attend the lessons or not. All other tuition, if applicable, will be refunded.


Weather Conditions:  Please contact the studio if you are concerned about weather-safety and travel to the studio.  In the event of a winter storm, the studio is often still open as many conditions have improved by the time teaching begins in the late afternoon.  Please do not assume that a school closure also means the studio is closed.  Call 902.461.0256 or e-mail


Communication:  DGS relies almost exclusively on e-mail communication to students/parents/guardians.  It is very important that DGS has an active student e-mail address on file and that the student checks their email often for cancellation information, additional lesson material, upcoming workshop events and general communication.


I look forward to working with you.  If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please contact me at 902.292-8921 (cell) or 902.461.0256 (Studio) or by e-mail at

Please sign below to acknowledge that you have read and understand these policies and return this form to DGS.  No guitar lessons will be provided until this form is signed and returned.


Parent/Guardian (If applicable)__________________________________________________


Policies are subject to change periodically. You will be promptly notified of any such changes.