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Here’s how the tuition structure at DGS works.


Students can pay one flat tuition per TERM   or one flat tuition every Month – same tuition for both 4 week or 5 week months.   The Term package is about 10 % lower than Monthly and is more convenient for both of us (Set it and forget it).  Lessons are typically once a week but some students enjoy 2 or even 3 a week- hey, I know hockey kids who attend hockey practice 3 times a week for 2 hours each.   Tuition on this page assumes one 45 minute lesson per week.   Talk to me if you want more.

Families with 2 registered students receive a 15% discount on total tuition.  3 or more students from one family receive a 20% discount on total tuition.

Students attending post-secondary education receive a 15% discount (with valid student ID).



Term 1: September – December

Term 2: January – April

Term 3: May – June

Term 4: July – August (Talk to me and we’ll work it out!)


Term Tuition

Term 3: May – June

Monthly Tuition

In an effort to expand your experience at DGS, you might also be interested in attending any of these additional (optional) monthly programs.  Click on any of the images below to get more information.  Generally, you will benefit from any of them by making a commitment of at least 4 months (rather than showing up in a random fashion).  

Dates and times TBA (Click each to read more).

Dempster Guitar Studio Accepts the Following Payment Methods:

  • Paypal (You don’t need a paypal account)

  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express Credit Cards

  • E-Transfer

Don’t Strum Another Song Until You’ve Read This GUIDE!

“I think it’s a fairly well-accepted urban legend that strumming will just occur naturally once a guitarist learns a few chords…and while this may be true for some, your teaching is precisely what the rest of us need in order to progress”. 

Dan Tanner